neoterical (neoterical) wrote in ponies_and_tea,


I have adware/spyware/dinnerware on my computer.

I'm very, very annoyed.

It keeps hijacking my home page, opening that search panel thingy and if turns certain words and phrases (like computer, sex, and ironically enough, adware blocker) it finds on websites into links. It also showers me with a deluge of occasionally pornographic pop-ups, and regularly makes IE freeze or the computer crash.

AND, worst of all, it keeps moving the address bar BELOW the Buttons. Which is NOT the way I do things.

Apparently it's a particularly nasty, virulent thing called CoolWebSearch that infiltrates comps through a hole in something Microsoft were too inept to close, has 100s of variants and judging by the fact that an adware remover called CWS-Shredder which specialises in its removal hasn't been too successful yet, I can only presume I'm stuck with it until CWS-Shredder updates its definitions and I can download the latest version.

And you want to know how I ended up with this insipid thing on my beloved computer?
I typed the wrong url.
Yep. Went to the wrong website, and bam, all this shit starts.

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