neoterical (neoterical) wrote in ponies_and_tea,

Angels Inc


I have the theme tune from Charlies Angels stuck in my head all day.

So I've decided I want to form a crime-fighting squad of attractive, buxom females of ambiguous sexuality. I don't know what type of crime I'll have them fight yet.
Being French, maybe.

But anyway, if any of you are interested, tell me in 100 words or less why you think you'd make a good Charlies Angel.

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I would make a great Charlie's Angel because I like to fight crime whilst inexplicably projecting my bosoms into ze air. And I have lovely hair, well, not really but I'm pretty sure nice hair is high on the criteria for being a CA. See how I abbreviated it? That's because I'm cool.

Thank you for your interest in becoming one of my Charlie's Angels.

I'll bet back to within 28 days.

Though I'll need to know your bra size.
*swirls hair around and bites lip*
to help protect the world from the creeping rot francais, i'd be willing to wear heels. good morning, charlie!