Satellite Anthem Icarus (copy) wrote in ponies_and_tea,
Satellite Anthem Icarus

Yahoo Chat is sexy.

I got invited to view a cam. Innocently thinking it would a lovely old woman smiling happily at me, I accepted.

HOTTIE. I know you're jealous.

karan_vg: hello
karan_vg: what's upo?
hardon_for_jesus: Why did you show my your crotch?
hardon_for_jesus: That's very rude.
hardon_for_jesus: Young children could have been watching!
karan_vg: i was just adjusting my cam
hardon_for_jesus: ADJUSTING YOUR CAM! Adjusting your testicles, you mean!
hardon_for_jesus: I saw it!
karan_vg: u like it?
hardon_for_jesus: And my husband did too, he said that he had to go to the bathroom for a second... He's in there now grunting away....I think he has the demons back in him.
hardon_for_jesus: No I didn't!
hardon_for_jesus: I'm a virginal bride!
hardon_for_jesus: My husband is back again, he's asking can you show your crotch to him again.
karan_vg: no
hardon_for_jesus: What? You did it before...
karan_vg: he like to see or u??
hardon_for_jesus: Only I'm to shut my eyes, lest I become excited.
hardon_for_jesus: He does.
hardon_for_jesus: For educational purposes, he says.
karan_vg: hahaha
hardon_for_jesus: What?
karan_vg: ur asl?
hardon_for_jesus: 16 f ireland.
hardon_for_jesus: And my husband is 47.
karan_vg: u have a cam?
hardon_for_jesus: No. According to the laws of Ireland I'm not allowed any pictures taken of me because it will draw out a woman's inner demons and she might begin to think that she's attractive.
karan_vg: like to play with me?
hardon_for_jesus: Ok.
karan_vg: i am hard now
hardon_for_jesus: So am I.
karan_vg: what?
hardon_for_jesus: Nothing..
karan_vg: what u wearing now?
hardon_for_jesus: White boxers and a tanktop.
hardon_for_jesus: And a bra.

hardon_for_jesus: Are you going bald?
karan_vg: yes
hardon_for_jesus: Haha.
karan_vg: unfortunately
karan_vg: u r wet??
hardon_for_jesus: YES.
hardon_for_jesus: OH BABY.
hardon_for_jesus: BALDNESS GETS ME HOT.
karan_vg: ??
karan_vg: need u nude
hardon_for_jesus: U TURN ME ON.
hardon_for_jesus: I'll send you a pic.
karan_vg: ok
hardon_for_jesus: Thats my grandmother.
hardon_for_jesus: thats me
hardon_for_jesus: Hello?
hardon_for_jesus: Did you like them?
hardon_for_jesus: Helllo?

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